wedding reception guides

One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks you will have to do is plan your reception.

It's also the most costly. After you get your budget settled, you will need to get started on securing a venue for your wedding date and putting together everything else it takes for a complete reception. Here's some helpful guides to get your started planning the party of your life.

Not sure where to start? This page has 5 important questions to ask of a wedding venue before paying a deposit or booking fee.
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Here's some helpful information to plan your wedding reception including your location and reception site.
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Organize your reception with our suggestions for placing the head table, table of honor, and guest seating.
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Don't have experience speaking to a crowd? Here's some helpful tips to calm your nerves and give the newlyweds a memorable toast for all the right reasons.
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Compliment your wedding theme with our unique ideas for homemade wedding favors that will make your day stylish and memorable.
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quick tips

Don't allow too much time between the ceremony and reception or you will risk losing guests that can't or won't wait around.
Don't be intimidated by family or friends who tell you how to do it. Unless they're paying or have experience, all you should do is consider their suggestions but do it your way.