vintage wedding theme

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What's old is new again? When it comes to wedding themes, nothing is more romantic than a traditional, old-time, vintage wedding.

These weddings bring back the past in a new way that is lovely and beautiful, evoking feelings of romance in just about everyone.

If you long to have a vintage-style theme, you will be able to plan a wedding day that is unique and quite charming. Why? Because they're becoming popular again, with new ways to carry out your theme in your attire, ceremony, and reception.

victorian age

A good place to start is with your wedding attire. Perhaps you wish to wear your grandmother's wedding gown or a replica of a dress from times gone by. You could have a custom dress made to represent the Victorian age. Choose a bustle and wear a large, brimmed hat instead of a veil. The men in the wedding party could be attired in long coats and top hats.

For authentic wedding music from the Victorian age, you could hire a stringed quartet and hold the wedding in the afternoon. Choose a garden setting with beautiful flowers and serve an afternoon tea for the reception.

jazz era

Another idea for a vintage theme is the jazz era. You can easily incorporate this into a stunning wedding extravaganza. Think of using art deco in your decorations. You can order invitations, the cake, and party favors that will highlight your style and bring your era together. Music sets the mood for some good, old-time fun.

For the jazz era, your wedding dress should be a shorter length with a longer veil. There's no need for a defined waistline, you can feature several light, lacy layers. The gentlemen can wear vintage wedding clothes complete with top hats and tails. Entertain guests at your wedding reception by serving cocktails and having a swing jazz band.

For more ideas, borrow or buy some books and movies for different eras that will provide you with information about attire, decorating, music, food and the general atmosphere of the era. A vintage wedding theme is perfect for the couple who wants to have the timeless experience of their lives.

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today's tip

A cool idea is to put old pictures of past family weddings in vintage frames and display them on a table or around the guest book so people can appreciate family history.