wedding videography


Many couples take advantage of modern technology and hire a professional videographer to capture their special day on video.

What better way is there to reminisce and remember your wedding day than to have it available on a DVD or digital file? After you have checked with the clergy or manager of the ceremony site to make sure that a videographer is allowed, see if they can offer some advice on lighting, where to set up, and if they have any recommendations on who to hire.

Choosing a videographer is another important decision to make and depending on your budget, can be very costly. If you decide not to hire a videographer because you're short on funds, you may regret it later. Discuss this openly and ask about payment plans.

hiring a videographer

You'll want your videographer to be as discreet as possible, so make this clear. Find out exactly who will be filming your wedding and the equipment that will be used. Ask how many years of experience they have in the industry and how long they've been doing weddings. Keep in mind that the talent is just as important as the equipment they will be using.

Discuss the video packages, the overall prices, the amount of down payment required, and what payment plans are available. You may end up spending more because of additional costs such as editing, additional copies, number of locations and mileage.

When viewing samples, find out who the actual videographer and editor was for each sample so that you can gauge their talent. Don't settle for seeing a demo tape that they put together that show just their best work. This will not give you a true example of all of their work. Ask to skim through full length videos of previous ceremonies

Ask to take a copy of the contract home before you make any decisions or sign on the dotted line. This will allow you to read it thoroughly with no pressure. What guarantees do they offer and what will they do in the case of rainy weather at an outdoor wedding? They're used to dealing with these types of questions so don't be reluctant to ask. Videography is an art and the product will be only as good as the artist.

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today's tip

Ask the videographer to capture some candid moments that you wouldn't otherwise see. This is easier for them to do if they have an assistant.