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Coming into the spring and summer wedding season, we'll be seeing a mix of old with new as couples prepare to get married.

The overall age of newlyweds is climbing and with that comes wisdom. Today, being practical is not just a smart thing to do, it may also be necessary.

Not only are couples scaling back on the guest list, they're combining traditional and trendy fashions to balance out the overall tone of their wedding day.

wedding dresses

This year's trends will characterize a variety of colors and styles that are still glamorous and fun. Modern bridal gowns are a bit less frilly, with distinctive designs that signify big changes. Instead of expensive, heavy gowns with cathedral-length trains, brides are opting for sophisticated, strapless and halter dresses for their spring and summer weddings. If that sounds bland, you're missing the crystal embellishments and intricate embroidery that's being used to accent these gorgeous dresses.

If sleek and smooth is more your style, a classic, silhouette design will surely flatter your figure. Want a wedding gown with a defined waist? Forget the bulky bows of yesteryear and choose a cinched waist or classy sash. If you're getting married in the afternoon, in a park, or at the beach, a tea-length dress is appropriate for the time, location, and season.

Vintage wedding dresses are not passé, they're very trendy for brides concerned with fashion and budget. Depending on the weight and style, some vintage gowns may be more suitable for a winter or Christmas wedding. If you choose to have a wedding with a vintage theme, pick an era and coordinate your attendants' attire and accessories with your own.

Gone are the days when brides are limited to wearing only white or ivory. Although those colors are traditional and quite lovely for a wedding gown, pastels and muted colors such as champagne, pink, and gray are viable options. If you want just a touch of color, choose a dress with gold or silver accents. Gold beading, pearls, or silver-trimmed lace add something extra to ordinary.


Understated headpieces reflect the bride's desire keep things simple, shifting the focus to a perfect haircut and style. A wreath, hair ring, headband, or tiara, will add the finishing touch to your ensemble. Traditional veils have evolved to more modern styles and are often very sheer with lace edging attached to a hair ring or band. Color can be added to any hairpiece with beads, rhinestones, or jewels.

Although wearing a headpiece is still popular, it's not unusual for a bride to skip it altogether for herself and her bridesmaids. This saves money and adds more options for hairstyles.


Still popular are the satin pumps for both the bride and bridesmaids. The modern version of these are adorned with rhinestones or crystals for added elegance. They're also still dye-able for a perfect color match but the good news is that the shoes don't have to match the dresses. A trendy alternative is a pair of silver pumps or strappy sandals that can be worn on your wedding day and to any other formal event in the future.

where to shop

You can begin looking for a mother of the bride dress at bridal salons when your daughter is looking for her wedding gown. It’s probably too early to make a purchase then but you’ll get ideas for styles and colors. There are no rules on where to shop. You are not limited to bridal salons and your dress does not have to be labeled as a mother of the bride dress. Look in department stores, outlets, or online too. If are on a tight budget and want a cheap dress, consider looking in a consignment shop or other second-hand store. There, you may be able to find a vintage dress that’s unique and fun.

If you don't want to add height and are wearing a long gown, ballet slippers are comfortable and less likely to trip you up. You can wear them for the entire day or change into them for the reception and dancing. One caveat though, they do get dirty easily. Your dry cleaner may be able to salvage them if you take them in with your wedding dress for cleaning.

bridesmaids dresses

bridesmaids dresses

The trends for bridesmaids dresses gives you an array of styles and lengths.

They're certainly not the dresses of the past that were not practical to wear anywhere else. Styles are versatile and similar to what you may choose to wear to any formal event. Strapless and halter designs go perfectly with bridal fashions in today's world and are just what's needed to keep bridesmaids happy.

What's really trending now with bridesmaids is mixing hems, with some wearing shorter dress styles and some longer. This is a just a preference but can be risky as some people absolutely do not like it and thinks it looks sloppy and uncoordinated.

Fashionable colors this spring may vary by the region but there's one surprise emerging. Besides popular seasonal colors such as buttercup, watermelon, taupe, peach, plum, and periwinkle, light gray is the current color turning heads. For those that don't want any single color; casual, floral patterns are feminine and realistic.

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Be aware that picking something trendy may make your wedding pictures look dated much sooner than a classic look that never goes out of style.