wedding planning tips


We've made it fun! This page displays all kinds of practical tips for wedding planning, services, and saving money.

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  • When hiring services for your wedding, never assume anything! Discuss everything with the professionals and get it in writing. If you have any unique requests, a reminder will ensure that your expectations are met.
  • Take your own ribbon for bouquets and centerpieces to the florist. Shop at hobby, craft and discount stores to find the best deal.
  • Don't wait until the day of the wedding to break in new shoes. Wear them around the house to get used to them.
  • Look in consignment shops for bridesmaid dresses. You can often find current styles for a fraction of the price.
  • Got leftover wedding cake? Divide and freeze it! Save some of it for your first-year anniversary.
  • Looking for ideas in the initial planning stages? Look through magazines. Attend Bridal Fairs. Hire a wedding planner.
  • Stick up for yourself! Everyone will give you their own ideas on how to do things and that can be helpful. You will also need to listen to anyone who is helping with expenses. With that in mind, it's your day so try to do it your own way as much as possible.

reception & party tips

  • Bring along a pair of ballet slippers to the reception. They'll give quick relief for tired, achy feet while dancing. - Janice - Flagstaff, AZ
  • Assign a box for mementos such as engraved wine glasses, cake knives, etc. and have them all put in that box after the reception so they're not lost or accidentally thrown away. - Lauren - Omaha, NE
  • When renting a limo, if you need more than one car, ask for a group discount. - Elly - UK
  • Exchange ideas with other couples. Find out what they considered, what they decided, and why.


  • Hide your getaway car. If you're going to be driving, don't allow the vehicle that you'll be taking on your honeymoon to be decorated because it's a hassle to drive and clean it up after the festivities. - Jessica - Colorado Springs, CO
  • You don't have to leave for your honeymoon right away. Allow a few days to get some rest, open gifts, pack your suitcase, return the tux, and take your dress to the cleaners.