theme weddings

Many couples choose to have a theme wedding to make their day unique and memorable.

Traditional elegance or simply comfortable and casual, brides and grooms prefer a wedding to match their distinctive style. If you have an idea, the potential is there. You can incorporate the theme of your choice while planning your ceremony and reception.

Below are some popular wedding themes, from general ideas to precise motifs, to personalize your experience. Explore the possibilities and pay attention to detail. With a bit of imagination, your dreams can come true.

red roses
Why not give family and friends one more reason to celebrate the season? It's also a perfect way to start the New Year. Make Christmas your wedding theme by decking the reception hall with holiday related decorations and wedding favors.
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orange roses
Traditional is not for everyone but a Halloween or gothic style wedding may be appealing to souls attracted to things that go bump in the night. We will help you determine if you want to narrow down your theme, how to dress up, and what kinds of decorations are frightfully fun for the occasion.
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lace dress
Classic and oh-so romantic, a Victorian age or jazz era theme is the perfect opportunity to research the past and make your wedding a timeless event. Wearing your grandmother's wedding gown gives new meaning to "something borrowed, something blue."
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vintage bride
Choose between a seasonal, era, cultural theme, or country-style hoedown to transform basic nuptials into an ultimate theme wedding meant for memories.
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quick tips

Consider the size of your guest list and budget when choosing a theme and location. For example, a vineyard may allow for more people than a small garden barn but the cost will likely be higher.
It's a great idea to have a photo booth at your theme wedding so that guests can have fun and capture their own "time in a bottle".