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If you want your wedding day to be one step ahead of traditional, incorporating a theme is memorable and fun!

Coordinating your attire, invitations, decorations, party favors and setting around a motif or culture is becoming more popular as bridal shops begin to cater to those who want their wedding day to be much better than average. Here's some ideas for some of the most popular themes to get you started.

seasonal or holiday theme

If you've got your heart set on a specific month, why not choose an appropriate holiday theme? The oh-so-popular Valentine's day works great for a winter wedding because it's based on romance and love. Christmas and New Year's are a fun theme, and everyone's in the holiday spirit. Fourth of July, fireworks, think about it...

time period, era wedding

Old eras are fascinating and elegant. You can opt for a vintage style, medieval, or renaissance wedding as long as you can find the attire and resources. Themes are a big trend so many companies offer a large variety of invitations, dresses, decorations, and party favors for those wishing for a time specific theme.

western, cowboy, country style

Some people live a country-style life so there's nothing more appropriate for a western/country themed wedding. The attire and supplies are easy to find and you can easily hire a county band to supply music for a hoedown or square dance at the reception.

cultural, ethnic theme

A custom wedding just for you, share your ethnic background with your guests. As your relatives to share their ideas and emphasize the best traditions about your culture.

movie themes

Similar to many high-school and Cinderella prom themes, you can focus your attire, and decorations around a popular movie. This can be a challenge depending on the genre and subject matter. Take into account the storyline and popularity because if the movie is considered cheesy later on, your wedding may be too.

Need more ideas? Check out your local bridal shop or stationery store and check out what's available for invitations, party favors, and attire.

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Get inspiration from bridal magazines and wedding websites that include different themes and styles in their designs.