how to write thank-you notes for wedding gifts

thank you note

Your guests will spend a considerable amount of time attending your wedding ceremony and shopping for your special gift.

Thank them graciously with a personal, neatly handwritten thank-you note to acknowledge their gift and thoughtfulness.

Thank-you notes should be sent within three months after your wedding, but it's not considered a faux-pas if they arrive within a year. Use your common sense and try to be prompt. Putting this off is inconsiderate and may make others feel that you didn't appreciate their efforts.

If some gifts arrive before your wedding day, send the note beforehand and you'll have less to write later on. Keep in mind that it's not appropriate to use monogrammed stationary on thank-yous sent out prior to your wedding, so save them for after you're married.

order wedding stationery

It's a good idea to order your thank-you notes at the same time you select your wedding invitations. You can choose a style similar to your invitations and follow the same theme. Buy extras for unexpected gifts because it can be costly to re-order them later on. Keep in mind that preprinted thank-you notes are not proper etiquette. All notes should be personally handwritten by the bride or groom.

split the duties

If you had a large wedding, the task can be enormous. Try to get the groom to write thank-you notes to his side of the family. If that doesn't work, sit down and write them together. Another alternative is to have one write the notes while the other addresses the envelopes and checks off the names.

what to write

Thank-you notes should express your gratitude for the gift and attendance of your guests. Tell them how much you enjoyed sharing your wedding day with them and how you will use the gift. If the gift was monetary, do not put the amount in your note. Whether you're going to spend it or save it, tell them what you plan to do with it or what you're saving for.

Include special thanks to your attendants, guest book attendant, servers, soloist, and everyone who took part in your wedding. Don't forget how hard they really worked to make your wedding as memorable as possible. Tell them how much you appreciate their love and assistance.