concealing tattoos


Love it or regret it, there are a variety reasons for wanting to cover up a tattoo. Weddings are near the top of the list.

Tattoos are personal. Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, or just helping out, you may feel that a wedding is not the place to show off your colorful ink, in person or in pictures.

Depending on where your tattoo is located, it's possible to hide it with your selection of attire. If you cannot cover it with your dress style, you may be able to with a veil, shawl, or wrap. Gloves can completely conceal a hand, wrist, or arm tattoo but keep in mind that you will probably want to remove them later on. This may be a good idea if you're only concerned about the ceremony and pictures.


Wanting to keep your tattoo and not enough time is why covering up a tattoo with makeup may be your best option. Of course, the darker the tattoo, the more difficult it is to mask. However, there are products available to thoroughly cover them as well as scars and birthmarks.

Where do you find these products? Check the makeup counter in department stores, bridal boutiques, salons, your local tattoo parlor, or online. Find the best color match for the area and make sure you have the proper applicators to blot and blend for a natural look. Complete tattoo cover kits usually include waterproof cream or stick, an application sponge, brush, and setting or sealing spray.

Be aware of the caveats. The product may smudge and transfer to your dress, other clothing, or your handbag. Rain, sweat, and simply contact with the area can make things messy, even with waterproof crèmes. Setting spray or powder can help a great deal but it's not infallible.

professional help

If you have the funds and don't want to do-it-yourself, hire a professional. They will use their expertise to hide your tattoo with makeup. Airbrushing is also a popular choice and can also be used for concealing scars, skin conditions, and stretch marks. If more than one member of your wedding party wants to use the service, schedule a block of time for everyone. Even more convenient but at extra expense, some pro's will make house calls and travel to you.

permanent removal

If you don't like your tattoo at all, and wanted to get rid of it anyway, think ahead. Lasers are expensive but a very effective way to get rid of the tattoo but may blow your budget. You will probably require more than one treatment and the costs add up quickly. Over time, the sun will fades tattoos but you will not get anywhere near the results you're looking for.

Another alternative is a cream formulated to fade tattoos. They take time and the results are mixed. There are many factors involved, such as the age of the tattoo, the deepness, and the colors used. Furthermore, you can try a fade cream leading up to your wedding day and use a cover-up to completely conceal an unwanted tattoo.

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today's tip

Use a setting spray over makeup to make sure it stays put and your tattoo stays covered.