bridal shower planning


Bridal showers are a blast because they're given by your attendants or a close family friend, and you're the guest of honor!

Immediate family shouldn't host a shower for you but they can certainly contribute to costs or decorating. Typically, showers are given on the weekend and follow a theme, such as kitchen, grocery, or linen.

Showers usually have 20-40 guests in attendance. Since gifts can be pretty expensive, avoid duplicating the guest list of there will be more than one shower given. If there are multiple bridal showers planned, consider combining them to save time and money.

Because everyone is busier as the wedding day nears, it's best to hold the shower about four to eight weeks before the wedding. Check with the other attendants to ensure that the date is available to them and avoid planning a shower for a holiday weekend because others often have other plans for holidays.

activity ideas

Pass around photos and have guests guess the year and event. Every picture tells a story, so enlighten them how you and your beloved met. Bring your camera and add the next chapter to your photo album.

Organize a bridal shower scavenger hunt. Split up into teams and hit the town. Add some humorous items to the list to make it fun. If you're doing this at night supply flashlights with fresh batteries and make sure each team has a cell phone. Have guests take pictures along their way and you'll know exactly how much fun each team had on the hunt.

You could have a lingerie-themed shower and instruct everyone to wear their PJs, whether they're frumpy or sexy. This is particularly interesting when the guys are in attendance. Don't allow them in until they comply with the rules. Otherwise, send them off to the bar and meet up with them later. Usually, if you convince one or two guys to dress the part, the rest will do the same.

add men, stir

Old rules don't always apply. Traditionally, showers are for the bride only. Modern showers often include the groom, so couples can also be invited. This is often called a "couples shower". Guests include the attendants, close friends and family. By mixing it up, you'll be doing things everyone enjoys, eating, dancing or even going to a nightclub. Whether men are included or not, get creative and go beyond basic shower games.

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today's tip

When planning a bridal shower, designate the maid of honor or a bridesmaid to record the gifts and help transport them home.