bridal shower scavenger hunt list


Planning a scavenger hunt for a bridal shower can be as much fun as the hunt itself!

Here is a scavenger hunt list for a romantic and wedding-themed party. The objects listed here are easy to moderate to find. Many of them are symbolic of love and have special meaning.

Keep in mind that the more difficult items will help you distinguish a winner. Add and subtract items until you have the ideal list for your game. Consider adding seasonal items that are related to the month of your wedding.

  • baby's breath
  • balloon
  • bead
  • bow
  • bubbles
  • candle
  • corkscrew
  • feather
  • flower
  • garter
  • glitter
  • grain of rice
  • Hershey's Kiss
  • invitation (to anything)
  • lipstick
  • mint
  • piece of lace
  • pop tab (makeshift ring)
  • program (any type, wedding, church, musical, etc.)
  • ribbon
  • rose - pick your color
  • silk flower
  • something new
  • something old
  • valentine

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today's tip

You can add to your list pictures of "items" that need to be photographed because they can't be moved. Try nearby romantic locations such as a restaurant, storefront, boardwalk, park bench, fountain, etc.