bridal shower scavenger hunt

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Are you up to the challenge? A wedding scavenger hunt is a fun and unique bridal shower game.

Not only does it get your guests out and about, it has them gather bridal and wedding related items.

Here's some fun ideas for planning your own scavenger hunt game for a bridal shower. Save your scavenger hunt list for future parties because your guests will enjoy it so much they will want to schedule another hunt when they plan the next bridal shower for a new bride-to-be.

pick a theme

Coordinate the topic for a scavenger hunt with the theme of your bridal shower. You can use an individual theme like you would any shower, such as grocery, household, or use a general theme and make a larger list. Choose simple, easy to find items and add a couple hard-to-find items to make a challenge and help identify the winners.

identify your teams

After dividing your guests into teams, allow them to chose a team name. Fun names such as "The Spinsters", "Always a Bridesmaid," and "Married Matrons" will make the game more fun.

use your bridal shower location

If you're short on time, consider limiting the hunt area. Consider using the bridal shower location or your own back yard to hide items on the list outdoors. Make sure the areas are clean and safe. Don't leave any objects laying around that the guests my trip over and make sure you provide adequate lighting if the hunt is planned for the evening or nighttime hours

alert the neighbors

Whether the search will involve the neighbors or be limited to your own property, it's best to let the neighborhood know that you will be having a scavenger hunt for a bridal shower, and the approximate time it will be. This way, they can be available to answer the door for items and they won't be alarmed at any giggling guests roaming about near their own backyard.

supply a bridal bag

Give each team some type of sack or bag to put in the items as they are found. Be creative and have them decorated wedding-style to draw attention to your theme.

take pictures

Take pictures of your teams before they leave. Give each team a disposable camera and tell them you need at least 5 pictures as part of the list. They can be of any part of the hunt that they choose, or have the entire list be of specific items that you have chosen. These could be items hard to bring back, such as a carriage or tuxedo.

award prizes

Present prizes to the winning teams. How many places you want to award is your choice, but the teams will all put forth effort so consider a cool grand prize for first place and fun, useful gifts for the other teams. This way everybody wins something to give to the bride.

make a scrapbook

Assemble a scrapbook with the pictures you receive back and document any special events that occur during the hunt. Add pictures of the winning teams and prizes to the scrapbook and the bride will have memories of the best bridal shower game shower ever!

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today's tip

Scavenger hunt rule number one: All teams need to stay together to keep it fair. Any team that spits up should be disqualified.