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If you always thought that the small things just happen to work themselves out for a perfect wedding, you'll soon learn to assume nothing and plan for anything and everything.

How to do this? Name a personal attendant, of course. Not everyone is familiar with the role but it is one that should be considered, especially for larger weddings.

A personal attendant is a valuable asset to any wedding and priceless to the bride. The best person for the position is a trusted friend or family member that possesses good organizational skills, communicates well, and is a person that you feel very comfortable around. Sort of a jack-of-all-trades.


What exactly are the duties of a personal attendant? There are no specific rules. They can be as involved as you need them to be, or just behind-the-scenes. Like handling personal details with attire, hair, makeup, and random things that need attention. In addition to personal care, there are several other things that she can do to make sure that everything is in order. Below is a list of duties that a personal attendant may asked to do:

  • Help with pre-wedding duties such as addressing invitations, decorating, and making phone calls.
  • Assist bridesmaids with planning a bridal shower.
  • Possibly pin corsages and boutonnieres as the attendants arrive at the ceremony site.
  • Direct the photographer for candid pictures before the ceremony or take some yourself. Nothing embarrassing!
  • Attend the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner if requested.
  • Make lists and be organized.
  • Help transport items from the ceremony to the reception site.
  • Have an emergency kit ready with items such as pain reliever, bandages, breath mints, extra panty hose, scissors, pins, needles, and thread that will match the dresses and formalwear.


Treat your personal attendant as an important part of your wedding and your experience will be rewarding. Communicate well. If you have any preferences for her attire, make suggestions. This will make her feel included but don't expect her to spend beyond her budget.

Let her know what to expect. Furthermore, something may go wrong. A calm demeanor is just what's needed to comfort others and solve problems. Don't forget to give her a corsage for recognition, present her a gift as you would your bridesmaids, and acknowledge her hard work in a gracious thank-you note after the wedding.

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today's tip

Personal attendants are a regional thing and are not common everywhere. Choose someone that likes to hang out and is perfectly willing to help out with the small things.