bridal showers & parties

Setting the wedding date means that parties, bridal showers, and a whole lot of fun will soon follow.

Whether you're the soon-to-be bride or the hostess doing the planning, you'll find general guidelines and ideas for your parties by browsing through our popular articles related to showers and entertainment. Indulge!

Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions on who should host the shower, when to have it, how many guests to invite, who to invite, as well as ideas for activities and games that are sure to entertain.
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For those who aren't familiar with rules and traditions, here are some common questions and answers regarding bridal shower etiquette and gifts.
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magnifying glass
The search is on when you send your guests on a scavenger hunt to collect all things related to weddings! This game is becoming very trendy for all types of parties and will surely make a bridal shower unique.
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peach rose
This is a list for a scavenger hunt with a bridal theme. It includes wedding and love related items that are easy to moderate to find.
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Here's some ideas for wedding favors that will also work for bridal showers or other parties associated with weddings. Remember, favors add to the decor and edible ones are always popular!
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quick tips

Engagement parties don't have to be all formal and stuffy. Consider a backyard barbeque or house party so friends and family can get acquainted in a more casual environment.
Theme parties are so much fun for decorating, invitations, etc. They also serve as a guide for gifts. Kitchen or grocery showers are practical and always welcome.