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With your wedding day just around the corner, you've probably spent more time on planning your special event than the latest beauty and fashion trends.

Since your wedding is one of the single most important days of your life, you're going to want to look and feel glamorous.

If you still have a few weeks until you're married, you've got just enough time to pamper yourself and make a few changes to look better as a bride. Take these simple steps to self improvement, watch your ego soar, and look absolutely stunning on your wedding day.

update your haircut and style

Are you current with your hairstyle? Take the time to get into a salon and find a hair cut that flatters your face. At the same time, make an appointment for hair color or some highlights the week before your wedding day. Check out the latest trends in updos for an elegant hairstyle. Your hair will be easier to manage and you won't have to fuss with it at the last minute.

try new makeup

We all need a change now and then. Experiment in the weeks leading up to your wedding with the new dazzling makeup available in stores everywhere. Find out what flatters your face the most. Crème eye shadows, bronzing powder and subtle glitter will add some self-confidence at your parties -- and make you feel like a million bucks.

get a manicure

Your hands will be in the spotlight too. They'll probably be photographed and you'll be showing off your rings, so get a professional manicure. Consider a French manicure for elegant fingernails, or if you want something trendier, opt for matching nail polish with a glitter topcoat.

tone your arms

If you've chosen a bridal gown that shows your arms, you may need to tone them. Invest in some simple 2-3 lb. hand weights and use them when you're watching TV or talking on the phone. Keep at it and you'll notice an improvement in as little as two weeks.

lose five pounds

Lose 5 pounds and you'll feel the difference. Maybe it's just a few pounds you've recently gained, or it could be pounds that have been nagging at you forever. Stressful times have a tendency to pack on the weight so if you're feeling a little heftier, get rid of some access beforehand. You'll look better and feel more self-confident.

check your undergarments

Don't buy your bridal gown and forget what's happening behind the scenes. Avoid evident bra and panty lines. Make sure your bra fits properly and doesn't ride up your back. Take the opportunity to buy new panties that fit well and make you feel sexy.

relieve stress

Everyday stress shows in your skin, face and manner. Planning a wedding adds even more stress to an already busy schedule. Take a time out, put on some classical music, light some candles -- and coddle yourself with a relaxing, warm bath.

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today's tip

Don't overdo it out in the sun. A sunburn is distracting and unattractive. Your faux pax will be documented in the wedding pictures also, so be cautious.