renting a limosine for your wedding


There are those who have dreamed of a limousine ride on their big day for as long as they can remember.

Others discover while planning their wedding that renting one can be costly, but necessary for their needs. Whichever category you are in, if you want to rent a limousine for your wedding, there are several things to consider. These tips assure you a special ride for a special day.

ask for referrals

Research limousine companies to find out which one is best for you. Follow up on referrals to get the general idea of the quality of car, driver, and overall service.

visit planners

Visit with the limousine planners from more than one company. Compare prices and services. Not all companies offer the same services and the rates vary by the hour. Keep in mind that there are often several sizes and models to choose from. You may even want a fancy Hummer or SUV! Look at the different styles before making your decision.

book in advance

Don't wait until the last minute to book the limo for your wedding. If you wait too long, the limousine service you desire may not be available. Ask about wedding package plans and sales for the off-peak season.

get a head count

Decide how many people will be riding in the limousine. Will one car be enough, or do you need two? There are different sizes available and you will need to know just how many people you want to accommodate. Ask for a discount for renting more than one limousine.

check restrictions

If you want to have alcohol in the vehicle, make sure the service is offered. Can you bring your own or do they supply it? Most supply it with the rental because they make extra money that way. Find out what will be available and how much will be charged.

sign a congract

Always have a contract with the limousine service and review it carefully before signing. It is important that both you and the company understand what will be provided as well as the amount of hours the limousine will be in use.

allow extra time

Determine ahead of time how long your ride will be after the ceremony and after the reception. Most couples wish to make some extra stops to celebrate. Enjoy renting a limousine for your wedding and have the ride of your life!

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today's tip

Limo companies should be licensed by the state and have proper insurance. Ask to see credentials before signing a contract.