planning your honeymoon

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After your wedding, the honeymoon trip is a time to kick back, relax and enjoy your first days together as a married couple.

Some couples can take their honeymoon immediately after the wedding, others have to wait because of prior commitments, mainly job related.

Whether you're leaving right away or have scheduled a delayed honeymoon vacation, be organized. Arranging your honeymoon just as important as planning your wedding. Careful attention to details reduce your chances of running into travel problems and glitches.


Hopefully, you're both on the same page when deciding the location for your honeymoon. If you need ideas, check out bridal and travel magazines to narrow down the choices. Consider the time you will need to take off from work, the costs, and if you want your vacation to be laid back, or more active.

Visit a travel agent to compare costs. Ask about special location travel packages and comparison shop. If you're going during the destination's busy season, the prices will be higher and the crowds thicker. By opting for off-season travel you can save money on just about everything, and your trip may be more relaxed.

A destination wedding and honeymoon is planning your wedding at the same place you will spend your honeymoon. If you want a small wedding, this may be the best choice for saving time and money. Keep in mind that you may not have total privacy if close friends or family stick around after the ceremony.

be prepared

After deciding when and where you will spend your honeymoon, get important matters in order. Look at brochures and make a list of the tourist attractions and museums you just can't miss. Have a camera with extra film and camcorder to record your trip.

If your trip will take you overseas, you're going to need a passport. Talk to your travel agent and find out if any other documentation will be required and discuss where to exchange currency. Consult your banker about additional fees and potential problems when using your ATM or credit card abroad.

Plan ahead for delays due to increased security at airports and borders. Have current IDs handy and follow the rules for packing and carry-on luggage. Arrive early and expect delays. Don't forget some basics to carry on person, such as Tylenol, chap stick, hand lotion, etc., to get you by in a pinch.

enjoying your honeymoon

This is your time to shine. You'll be making special memories of your first days together as husband and wife. Remember, a honeymoon is a vacation, so go at your own pace. The only pressure you should put upon yourself is deciding which awesome place you want to visit next and what local food you want to try.