bridal headpieces


Veils, hats and headpieces add the finishing touch to the perfect wedding dress.

Bridal headpieces come in a wide range of types and styles, each complimenting different gown designs.

Over the years, trends have changed but the designs are still very fashionable today. What you choose will help set the style of the bridesmaids' too and you need to consider the hairstyles that will work best with your choice.

If you opt to wear a used wedding dress, consider making your own hairpiece or having one custom made to match the fabric and lace.

backpieces & Veils

Backpieces are simple hairpieces which clip on the back of the head. Most of these come with an attached veil, which is barely visible from the front view. This style is elegant and simple at the same time, flattering those with shoulder length to long hair.


Traditionally a characteristic from the old south, hats can be trimmed with flowers and lace, and a small veil can be attached if desired. Sometimes, the veils are placed on the front brim, draping just over the bride's eyes. For women with short hair length, a hat is a great option.


Headbands wrap around the front of your head and are typically made from lace and trimmed with fancy beads and pearls. Brides love their versatility because they're affordable and flatter almost every hairstyle, particularly those with long hair.

juliet caps

Juliet caps peaked in popularity in the 1970's but are still popular today. The veil hangs from a small cap that sits tightly on the crown of your head. They're usually made from lace and quite glamorous so it's best to keep your hairstyle natural and uncomplicated.


If you're wearing a semiformal dress, you should consider a spray, which can be decorated with anything from jewels to flowers. They are attached to a hairpin, barrette or comb and placed in the bride's hair.


The fanciest of all bridal hairpieces are tiaras. The jewels and pearls will make you feel like Cinderella at the ball. They compliment delicate and elaborate dresses and can add just the right amount of elegance to simpler gowns.


Wreaths are made from a variety of flowers, primarily small buds, woven in a natural, intricate way. They are a fine choice for outdoor weddings and look best with simple wedding gowns. If you have a gorgeous hairstyle, wearing a wreath is a lovely way to showcase it.

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today's tip

Your headpiece should compliment the style of your wedding gown and create balance.