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Not everyone is cut from the same cloth and that certainly can be said for Halloween enthusiasts.

October 31st is not a traditional date for a wedding ceremony but may be perfect for those who love autumn and the Halloween holiday.

Planning a Halloween wedding is not for the faint of heart. There is always going to be somebody, somewhere who does not approve. Remember though, it's your choice and your special day.


It may not have occurred to you yet, but a Halloween theme is broad. It will probably be necessary to narrow it down before you begin planning. You can opt for a pure terror theme, gothic, Victorian, a masquerade ball, or simply a basic harvest theme with Halloween elements. Once this is decided, your choices will be easier because you'll have a better idea on what to look for.

If you wish, you can take the horror out of Halloween by planning a wedding that is elegant and classy. Once your date is set, you need to make some decisions on just how much you wish to utilize the Halloween theme. You can go all out or carefully choose which aspects of Halloween will become part of your celebration. Consider your location, colors, invitations, decorations, flowers, favors, food, and entertainment.

formal attire

A black wedding gown can be stunning but it may not be right for you. A white or ivory gown can look quite appropriate with a Halloween theme if you pick the right style and accessories. A form-fitting bodice works very well with a high neckline and tiara. Black suits or tuxedos for the groom and/or groomsmen are an ideal choice for any wedding. Adding bow ties, tails and cummerbunds will enhance the theme and formality.

Bridesmaid dresses don't necessarily have to be in Halloween colors. Bold, autumn colors fit the season, however you can pick a neutral color and add colorful accessories and flowers to fit the occasion. Floral shops specialize in providing the exact shades of flowers and ribbons to fit your needs. What may be needed is a swatch of fabric for a perfect match.

wedding invitations

Invites should be just as formal or casual as your attire. Halloween weddings are not common so it would be a good idea to print any suggestions for attire and anything else relevant to the guests near the bottom. If you want your guests to dress in costume or in complete disguise, state it clearly so that it removes doubt.

Send your invitations well in advance to allow ample time for planning. Of course, professionally printed invitations are not mandatory but you may get some great ideas from the printer who has many resources for all kinds of events.

Homemade invitations can be cutouts of anything Halloween related, such as ghosts, bats, haunted house, or jack-o-lanterns. In-between, you can use your computer to design and print out your own semi-professional invites on plain paper with a modified template or using your own creative abilities.

halloween decorations

Oh what fun it is to decorate for a Halloween wedding! If you're using traditional colors, decorations and party favors should be easy to find once all of the merchandise is set out in stores. If you don't want to wait, you can begin window shopping online for ideas.

Centerpieces need not be complicated. Small cauldrons filled with candy contained with orange (or black) cellophane wrap tied with matching ribbons will give your guests easy access to treats. Confetti spread over tables with fake webs and spiders will make them do a double-take. Scented, black tea lights will add aroma and romantic lighting. For large, elegant centerpieces, check with the florist, who will often have displays ready in September. You don't have to wait. Order early.

Using fog machines indoors for a wedding is not recommended because they leave a residue on everything. If your heart is set on the eerie atmosphere, consider dry ice, which needs to be handled very carefully. If you're hiring a caterer, ask them if they can provide it or assign someone to the task who knows what they're doing. Don't be reluctant to ask for help. Halloween enthusiasts love to be involved and use their expertise to create the best setting for a Halloween wedding.

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Avoid going overboard on decorations, etc. that will be more of a distraction to the main event that is your wedding!