bridal hairstyle tips


Your headpiece is just as important as your hairstyle choice, so pick it up from the bridal shop as soon as possible.

Take it along with you to the salon for a beauty consultation about one month before your wedding. Your stylist will then be able to determine when you should get your hair trimmed and how to style your hair to compliment your headpiece.

Generally, if you need a trim, one or two weeks before your wedding will suffice. If you're going for a hair cut or total change, try this at least three weeks before your wedding so you have time to adjust.

If you plan on wearing large earrings, or statement pieces, take them along too. They may look completely different with your hairstyle and headpiece than what you had in mind. Have someone snap some photos of all angles so you can see if you need any changes. Make all appointments well in advance so there are no unwelcome surprises. Here are some more tips to prepare your hair for the big day:

  • Your hair will probably be exposed to the weather more than usual so it may behave differently.
  • Use a conditioner or hot oil treatment to prevent frizz.
  • Not every style will work with every hair texture. Work with your hair and your results will be better.
  • Always carry a comb and pocket-sized can of hairspray with you or have your personal attendant carry it for you.
  • Have extra bobby pins on hand for emergencies.
  • When you get your final trim, get your eyebrows shaped.
  • Have them touched up when you get your hair styled for your wedding.
  • Don't forget your bridesmaids. Let their styles compliment your own.
  • Remind the groomsmen and ushers to get in for routine hair cuts the week of the wedding.
  • If you're super-picky and quite confident, you can do your own hair (and makeup) if you have time to do it and a steady hand. Practice makes perfect.

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Take along magazine or other photos to the salon to help communicate the style you want.