guest book attendant duties

guest book

Being asked to attend to the guest book at a wedding is an honor and a wonderful compliment.

You are the person chosen to greet the guests and ensure that they sign the guest book, so the couple thinks very highly of you! They put their trust in you be responsible, dress and act appropriately, and make their guests comfortable.


The following are all of the guest book attendant duties, some required, some are additional tasks you may be asked to perform. Don't feel overwhelmed, because overall, it's fun to meet and greet. You'll not only become better acquainted with family members, you'll be more comfortable at the reception.

wear proper attire

Traditionally, guest book attendants are female but times are changing. Whether you're male or female, ask the bride about color and style preferences. Some couples will want you to coordinate, others aren't too particular. It often depends on how formal or casual the wedding is.

be punctual

You'll need to be there to attend to the guest book but you should arrive early to put on your corsage and get organized. You may be asked to hand out other's corsages and boutonnieres too, and assist them with sticky part of pinning them on.

assure guest book is signed

The most important duty is to greet the guests and make sure that they sign the guest book. This means all of the participants too, including the attendants and the bride and groom's parents. Often, it's convenient to catch them when they arrive early and have them sign it before the other guests begin arriving.

collect gifts

Not all guests will be able to attend the reception. They may bring a gift or card to the ceremony site. Take it off their hands to transport later on the the reception site.

hand out wedding favors

After the ceremony, you may be needed to hand out favors such as rice or bubbles to the guests for when the newly married couple emerge. Ask in advance if this will be necessary and find out where the wedding favors are stored..

transport items

Typically, all of the items on the guest book table will need to be transported to the reception site and re-set up. You don't have to be in the receiving line, so after you hand out favors and pack up, move on to the reception hall and set up before guests arrive.

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today's tip

As a parent, consider yourself part of a working machine that if you do your part, you will help the wedding "run" as smooth as possible. Families can be complicated. Keep emotions in check and put differences aside.