gift ideas for the wedding party


Need ideas for your wedding party?

Presenting your attendants with gifts before your special day is a traditional way of thanking your friends and family for participating in your pre-nuptial parties and wedding.

It's lovely when the bride and groom can exchange gifts, but it is not mandatory and can be delayed if the wedding budget is getting tight. Many couples forego this and choose to put the money towards the honeymoon or first anniversary gifts.


A gift is traditionally given to the bride from the groom on their wedding day. It's important to pick something that will have sentimental value in the years to come and can be considered an heirloom later on. A keepsake such as jewelry, a figurine or crystal are popular and are likely to increase in value.


From the bride to the groom, this gift is also given in remembrance of their special day. Grooms usually appreciate something sentimental yet useful such as a watch, cufflinks or other jewelry that can be engraved.

maid of honor & bridesmaids

Gifts to the bridesmaids are usually presented at the bridesmaid's luncheon, bachelor-ette party, or at the rehearsal dinner. Jewelry such as a necklace and earrings or hair piece to compliment their dresses to be worn at the wedding is a popular choice and can help them reduce their costs. Another reason this is a good idea is because it helps coordinate the accessories. If this is your decision, it's best to let them know in advance so they don't spend money unnecessarily.

best man, groomsmen, ushers

Traditionally, the groom gives gifts to his attendants at the bachelor party or rehearsal dinner. Sentimental gifts include cuff links, a money clip, engraved stein, or pen set. Guys don't always like to be predictable so generally, anything that their attendants will enjoy is a good choice, especially if it includes their favorite sports emblems. For further ideas, browse online and compare prices.

other attendants

Those manning the guest book, programs etc. are not usually given a gift but are presented with a corsage or boutonniere to ensure that they are given special status and recognized for their hard work. However, it's your choice. Remember, all of the attendants in your wedding should also be thanked graciously when it's time to send thank-you notes.

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today's tip

Your gifts don't have to be traditional. Wine accessories, lawn chairs, games, etc. are the types of gifts that are used and appreciated.