men's formalwear

men's suit

Finding the appropriate wedding attire for the men in your wedding party is probably not at the top of the list of fun things to do,

but you can make the challenge a bit easier with a little knowledge and advice from a professional.

Typically, the tuxedos or suits are rented from a bridal or formalwear store and accessories such as the ties, vests, and shoes are often included in the rental fee. Some shops will offer a free rental or special savings with a minimum order (a medium to large wedding party usually covers it.)

Appointments will be required for the measurements to be taken and upon pick-up to check for proper fit and see if alterations are needed. Each attendant should be prepared to pay a deposit fee on the day of the measurements.

groom's attire

The degree of formality for the groom's attire should match the bride's. Typically, the clothing will consist of a dress shirt, tie, suit (or tuxedo) trousers, shoes and cufflinks. Often, you can order the suits or tuxes from the same shop you ordered the gowns from, or you can visit a store specializing in formalwear.

If the groom is in the military, he may opt to wear his uniform. This is just a preference but keep in mind that if other's are in the military too, you will have to make a decision on who will be wearing uniforms and who will be dressed in civilian clothing.

best man, groomsmen, ushers

The men's attire should compliment the groom's. Before the suits can be ordered, the guys will need to go in to be measured. The suits will probably arrive at the shop the week of the wedding and the attendants will need to go back in and try them on (see above.) The suits should be returned the following Monday after the wedding. Since the groom is usually otherwise occupied, assign the best man to return his tuxedo along with his own.

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today's tip

Instead of renting a suit, consider wearing one that you already own if it's a neutral color and in excellent condition. Or consider buying a suit that you can wear beyond your wedding.