choosing wedding flowers

bridal bouquet

Flowers play an important role in weddings, adding beauty and fragrance.

Traditionally, they are used for the altar, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, centerpieces, the guest book table and boutonniere for the groom, best man, groomsmen and ushers.

Additionally, corsages are given for other important roles, such as hosts, personal attendants, soloists, close family members and anyone you see fit. They are a great way to make others part of your wedding day and say "thank-you" to special people in your life. Start with the basics...

bridal bouquet

Classic or contemporary, your bridal bouquet will set the style for the rest of the flowers. Do a little research and pick a floral arrangement in accordance with the season. Traditionally, bright, bold colors compliment Fall, and pastel shades are gorgeous in the Spring. The bridesmaids will carry bouquets with similar flowers, but the arrangements are more modest than the bride's. The hot trend this year are European, hand-tied bouquets that add a fresh touch to the ceremony.

groom's boutonniere

The boutonniere is pinned on the groom's left lapel and should include a flower from the bride's bouquet. Traditionally this is a single-blossom rose, or a small cluster of flowers.

flowers for the altar

The focal point of the wedding, the alter arrangements should compliment the other flowers. Keep is simple and elegant, and you can move the flowers to the reception.

the guest table

Generally, guest tables are small in size, so you'll have limited space. You need room for your guest book and pan, so choose a small arrangement or adorned frame with a picture of the future bride and groom.

the wedding table

If you want flowers on your cake, let your florist know well in advance. He or she can assist you in choosing flowers consistent with your theme that are non-toxic.

flowers for the reception

You can arrange for some fresh or silk flowers in your table centerpieces, but make sure they are not too tall or bulky -- this way they won't interfere with the view or pictures. You're not limited to just flowers! Depending on your theme, you can add some pizzazz with silk potted plants and trees and decorate them accordingly.

more ideas

For ideas on centerpieces for the ceremony and reception, ask your clergy and reception hall administration for pictures of past weddings. Look online for similar silk flowers at discount or wholesale prices. For Transportation, Assign a trusted friend or family member to transport your floral arrangements from the altar to the reception.

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today's tip

Fresh flowers typically cost more than silk. Keep in mind that the arrangements, bouquets, and bouts cannot be made more than 12 to 24 hours in advance or the flowers will wilt. The same morning is ideal but leaves no time to spare.