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Before you hire a wedding florist, ask for recommendations from newlyweds and opt for a reputable company.

Perhaps you have a local one that you have done business with in the past for other occasions. Whoever you choose, consider your budget, location, and how readily available they are. Shop around like you would any other major purchase. You want your day to go smoothly, without having to second-guess whether or not you made a good decision.

If you're prepared, the initial meeting will take only about 1-2 hours. Ask to see a portfolio with samples of previous weddings they have been hired for. In addition, you will need to know if there are any fees for delivery and how the charges are calculated. Some florists include the delivery costs in their fees, but will add a mileage charge for out-of-town weddings.

Find out if they do a full set-up of your wedding flowers and if they have an aisle runner available as well as candelabras. Some florists include these in the cost, but for many of them, there will be an additional charge. If your wedding is at a church, they may already have an aisle runner, so ask them in advance.

After you hire a florist, take a swatch from the dresses to have the florist match up colors and ribbons. This is the best way to communicate shades, particularly for less than common colors. If you have a specific arrangement or bouquet in mind, take along pictures or sketch them on a pad.

The trend today is to order some arrangements with fresh flowers, some in silk. For example, you may want the arrangements for the alter to be fresh for the wonderful fragrance, but the bridesmaids bouquets may be more practical with silk flowers. Exotic and out-of-season flowers will boost your floral bill considerably. To save money, select flowers that are in-season and readily available.

If you're planning on flowers for the cake, tell them in advance. You can get together with them later to work out the details and give them exact colors. A layout of the cake would be helpful, an example picture, even better.

You can cut the costs of wedding flowers by dividing duties. If you know someone who's creative, assign them to table centerpieces for the reception. Some flowers will need to be transported and re-set up. Split up the duties and this can be done in an organized fashion.

It cannot be stressed enough how important communication is. With so many options available, there are doors for things to go awry. Check in with your florist several times, just to touch base, and you increase your chances of a picture-perfect wedding.

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You can also use flowers for your cake topper instead of a traditional one. If you want to do this, check with the florist so she can give you an estimate on price and availability.