wedding favors ideas

wedding favors

When you're planning a wedding, don't forget the wedding favors, which are sometimes overlooked and completely forgotten.

Party favors can be a really fun part of the wedding reception, so start thinking about them well in advance.

If you've picked out a particular wedding theme, you'll often be able to find favors that will compliment that theme. Start looking online for ideas and supplies. Give yourself sufficient time and you'll be able to come up with wedding favors that your guests will love. Better yet, look for something they'll talk about.

Use your favors to add to the decorations and choose the colors to coordinate with your wedding colors. If you plan to have a lot of floral decorations, find wedding favors that round out the decorating theme and add some tasty chocolate, candy or cookie treats.

homemade favors

Wedding favors don't need to be elaborate and expensive. You can create unique, inexpensive ones for all of your guests without breaking your budget. Look for ideas from websites that specialize in making your own. Often you can find the materials that are needed on the site, or they will point you in the right direction.

For homemade favors, allow plenty of time to put them together. Ask friends and family members to help and hold a little "wedding favor making party". Have all the items that are needed and you can probably make most of them in one evening. Supply some food and drinks and everyone involved will stick around longer and have fun chatting. You may get some valuable advice in the process.

Make your favors edible and they'll grab attention! You can buy containers such as baskets, boxes, bags, etc. at hobby and party supply stores and add your own edible goodies such as chocolate kisses, candies, lollipops, and individually wrapped candy.

more ideas

If you're short on time and your budget allows, online stores make browsing and ordering easy with categories for themes, including beach and super-romantic wedding themes. Look for volume discounts and sales in the off-peak season. Inexpensive items are often found around Christmas and the cold, winter months.

Traditional wedding favors that are still popular are candles, picture frames, personalized, engraved items and small floral centerpieces. Incorporate chocolate candy (think Hershey's Kisses,) seasonal candy, or cookies to make delightfully delicious treats. Many edibles have a limited shelf life, so consider buying them last and adding them later on.

Wedding favors are a nice addition to every party and can be special keepsakes for your guests. Since there are favors for every budget and every style, they are a plus for every reception.

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today's tip

DIY wedding favors can be a blast. Have a favor party! Get the supplies, invite your bridesmaids over, and get them all done before everyone gets super busy.