announcing your engagement

yes sign

Congratulations! He popped the question and you accepted his proposal.

You're very excited and now it's time to let others know. So how do you spread the word? There are several ways to announce your engagement and upcoming wedding, and share your joy with loved ones.

tell them in person

The best way is to tell them in person, if possible. Your immediate family comes first. If the future bride or groom has any children, they should be told before anyone else. After that, notify both sets of parents. Most people have an idea in advance how they will react to the news. If your parents will be truly happy, it's nice if you can tell them together and share your happiness. If there is an indication that any parent will be upset, the child of the parent should tell them privately.

call them

The next best thing to telling them in person is by calling them. Be sure to call anyone who is on your list to be an attendant or help out in any way. At this point, you don't have to ask them to participate as it may be prudent to think things over more carefully before you come to a final decision. Making a mistake and asking too early can cause hurt feelings later on if you change your mind. Now is the time to call friends and relatives who may need to travel so they can make arrangements in advance.

have an engagement party

Having an engagement party gets all of your family and friends together and will allow them to get better acquainted. The party can be held anywhere you wish, whether it's a public place or at someone's house. Some of those attending may already know why you're having a party. Your goal should be to surprise the guests, so tell those that already know to keep it a secret and not spoil the fun.

send formal announcements

Sending out formal, engraved engagement announcements is an added expense but a very nice touch, particularly for those friends and relatives who live out of town. The cards don't have to be elaborate, they can be very simple and sentimental. The recipients will appreciate the thought and effort and can begin making plans for travel for the big day.

notify the newspaper

Submit your announcement to the newspapers about four to six weeks prior to the wedding. If you're not sure of the guidelines, call the newspaper or go in and ask questions. They're very helpful and you'll discover that this process is very easy. A picture is lovely to include and they'll send it back after use if you give them a SASE. Most newspapers also put the engagement announcements online too so you'll get better coverage.

announce on social media

Want to skip the traditions? Many people have Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts and there are many ways to announce your engagement. You can be creative and post with a picture or video of the proposal, location, or enjoyment pictures. Or, you can make a simple status change that will tell everyone what they need to know. You can do both. One thing everyone wants to see is your engagement ring. Check out Pinterest for some cool ideas to make it fun, fun, fun!

send out e-mails

Announcing your engagement via e-mail can stir up trouble and may not be a good option. With today's technology, it's becoming more accepted but you know your friends and family better than anyone. If there's a hint of disapproval, don't use e-mail at all. If you decide that it's okay for some, use attractive stationary and implement the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) function so the announcement appears more personal.