the wedding dress

dress belt

The bride's dress will set the style for the rest of the wedding attire, so choose carefully.

Browse through stores, magazines and pictures on the internet to get an idea for your perfect gown. Also, there are many types of headpieces to consider. Pick one that will compliment your height and facial structure. After you decide, put the order in early to allow for delivery time, fittings and alterations.

Don't want classic white? Today's bride has more choices than ever. You can find many gowns available in a large variety of styles and colors. Ivory, pink, and peach are popular choices for wedding dresses. You can order just about any color and style you prefer but take into account the season your wedding will be held in and read our buying tips. See the wedding trends page for the most current, up-to-date information for styles and colors. Accessorize with bridal shoes and a headpiece that will compliment the gown.

bridesmaids dresses

The bridesmaid dresses should be similar to the bridal gown in terms of the formality and style. They should compliment the bridal gown, but not overshadow it. The dresses can match or you can have the maid or maid of honor in a different style or color than the bridesmaids. Another alternative is to have all of the dresses in the same style but different colors, or visa versa.

It's best to choose a dress that is comfortable and will look good on all of your bridesmaids but they don't all have to be the same style. This is still not easy, so take along your maid of honor and maybe narrow down the selections, then invite your bridesmaids to the salon to take a vote. Not everyone will be ecstatic but you probably can find something in-between that will please everyone. Try to keep costs reasonable since the wedding party is usually required to pay for their own attire.

the flower girl

The flower girl's dress is the most fun to pick out. It can be a mini version of the wedding gown, or a complimentary style to the bridesmaid dresses. Just add some frill and lace. She will be thrilled to look so pretty and can carry a bouquet of flowers or a basket of petals.

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today's tip

Have an open mind. Some styles will look completely different than imagined after you try them on. The Process of elimination helps narrow your choices.