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The holidays are a time of joy and family. This special time of year can also be a wonderful time for your wedding.

Planning a Christmas wedding can be inspiring, giving your far-flung family a great reason to get together at the holidays.

Allow additional time to plan a Christmas wedding. Since many parties and gatherings also happen at this time of year, selecting venues for the ceremony and reception should be done well in advance to ensure that your date is available. You’ll also want to allow your guests plenty of time to make travel and hotel arrangements, as holiday travel is often crowded and booked well in advance.

christmas theme

Make Christmas a central theme by including it in as many of the wedding arrangements as possible. Set the scene by choosing invitations that incorporate holiday colors or winter scenes. You may want to choose an invitation featuring traditional holly. In ancient Rome, holly signified goodwill and early Christians thought the plant sacred. Victorians used the plant to represent foresight. Selecting an invitation incorporating this meaningful symbol can help to set the tone for your entire event.


Your decorations can incorporate the holiday as well. Decorate the church and reception hall with tiny, white Christmas lights. The twinkling will add a little holiday magic to your special day. Seasonal floral arrangements featuring holly and poinsettias will also help carry the theme throughout the event. Since modern poinsettias come in a variety of colors, you need not be limited in your choice of color scheme.

Garlands were used in medieval Europe to represent fertility and happiness. Decorate with garlands and evergreens for even more symbolic beauty. You may even decide to incorporate some lovely ornaments into your arrangements.

Include some mistletoe at strategic spots at the reception to encourage the romantic, holiday atmosphere. Traditionally used to represent life, love and resurrection, it is a very appropriate decoration for the Christmas wedding.

wedding favors

You may want to create or personalize some ornaments to use as wedding favors. Your guests will love having a reminder of your happy day to hang on their trees each year. You can display them on the tables, or decorate a tree with the favors for even more fun.

Christmas weddings can be a source of comfort and joy to all who attend!

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