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pillar candles

1) Go to your local nursery and buy some small potted plants.

Measure the height of the pot and along the bottom to the center of the pot. Take a piece fabric or wrapping paper that matches your wedding colors and find the center. Measure out from the center the fabric the height that you measured on the pot. So, if your pot measured 6 1/2" in height, measure out 6 1/2" from the center of the fabric.

You need to draw a circle of that diameter and cut it out of the fabric/paper. Put the pot in the center of the fabric/paper and gather it up to the rim. Secure it with a thin elastic band. Tie a wide ribbon and bow around the rim in a contrasting color. It makes a nice centerpiece and you can give them to your bridal party of special guests at the end of the evening.

2)Decorate some wicker baskets in your wedding colors using ribbons and fabrics. Place fruit or rolls within the basket. A nice centerpiece with a practical use.

3)Buy some colored glass beads (available in most craft stores) and place a small layer in the bottom of a glass bowl. Fill the bowl with water (you may color the water with food coloring if you wish) and float a candle and some flower petals on top.

4)Use sherbet dessert dishes or champagne glasses for this centerpiece idea. Using 3 dishes per table, gather them in a cluster in the center of the table. Tie ribbons/bows on the stems. Put mints in one dish, small chocolates in another and hard candies in the third. Scatter flower petals, confetti or sequins around the bases of the dishes.

5)Use pillar candles. Get a plate or base slightly larger than the pillar candles you choose to use. Place a grapevine wreath on top of the plate (make sure the opening in the wreath is at least a 1/2" larger than the candle base. You can decorate the wreath with some thin ribbons, string craft beads and small dried flowers. Place the candle in the center. If you wish to do so, you can also top it off with a glass, hurricane lamp cover. Simple, yet elegant.

6)Buy small straw craft hats. Decorate them with ribbon tied around brim and a cluster of dried flowers on one side of the hat. Finish off with a bow.

7)Create a little wishing well. Use small round cardboard or paper Mache boxes from a craft store and paint them a grey or red brick color. With a black marker, create "bricks" or "stones" on the box. Take a strip of cardboard for the top piece and round it slightly. Glue the edges to the inside of the box. Cover the strip with ribbon and add dried flowers across the top. Tie to ribbon bows to the handle where it joins the box to finish it off. Place pens/pencils and small bits of cut paper near the wishing well for guests to write advice, best wishes, etc. to place in the wishing well.

8)For a garden wedding, purchase pre-made, small bird houses. Paint and decorate the houses. If it doesn't already have a perch, drill a small hold in the front of the bird houses and glue in a small dowel piece. Attach a small bird to the perch (available at most craft stores).

9)Here's a unique centerpiece idea. Clean beer bottles thoroughly and remove the labels. Spray paint the bottles with a glitter spray (silver, gold or in your wedding colors). Tie a matching or contrasting ribbon around the neck of the bottle with ribbon streamers hanging down. Place either a candle in the top or fill with water and insert flowers.

10)Visit garage sales or a "dollar" store. Purchase several decorative teacups and saucers. Hot glue the cup to the saucer. Place a small bit of florist foam inside the cup, add water and insert fresh cut flowers into the foam (or skip the water and use silk flowers).

About the Author: Rose Smith is the owner of Wedding Themes and More, a website designed to help you discover your perfect wedding theme.

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today's tip

Flowers and candles are among the most popular choices for table centerpieces. Ask your florist for additional petals to scatter.