ordering a wedding cake

wedding cake

Your wedding cake will be part of the decor so you'll want it to look fabulous as well as provide a delicious dessert.

First, you'll need to know how many guests will attend your reception. This way you can plan the size and number of tiers that will be required.

pick a style

The cake should fit the theme and style of your wedding. Ask your baker or caterer what options are available and look at pictures. It's also a good idea to view photos of actual cakes they have provided to get a general idea of the quality of service they provide.

compare costs

Shop around because prices vary greatly. Consider hiring a home baker who gives a personal touch to each cake, but ask for references first. Recommendations from newlyweds will often help you make a final decision on who you can trust with something that's not easy to make, or easy to transport.

traditional wedding cakes

Typical wedding cakes are white and accented with pastel flowers. More brides are choosing fresh flowers that add brilliant color to wedding reception pictures and are well worth the cost. Traditional shapes include square, round-tiered, and heart-shaped. Whether traditional or trendy, cake toppers should match the cake itself. You can purchase your topper from the baker, or choose one yourself and deliver it later.

fake cake

For smaller weddings, many brides and grooms opt to have some of the tiers on their wedding cake made of Styrofoam or cardboard and frosted up to look like the rest of the "real" cake. It's cheaper, looks great in photos, and your guests will never know unless you tell them.

groom's cake

The groom's cake is fun and is usually quite the conversation piece. With his own cake, he can express his own personality, tastes, hobbies, whatever he likes! To satisfy everyone's taste buds, most men choose chocolate as a nice alternative to the white wedding cake, but he can choose any flavor and color.

Your baker would probably be willing to make this cake too, but it's not necessary. They're not formal, so just about anyone with some creative abilities can decorate one. If you know anyone who likes to bake, ask them to make one for you and they'll probably have some more great ideas to make the cake "one of a kind."


If you need ideas for your wedding cake, browse through websites and magazines. You can often find simple yet elegant designs. You can switch accessories, decorations and toppers to make your cake unique.

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today's tip

Consider additional floral costs if you have real flowers on your wedding cake. Alternatively, your baker can make edible sugar flowers and embellishments instead. The cake in the picture to the left has real flowers.