ten bridal beauty blunders

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Fretting about how you will look on your wedding day?

Pre-wedding, it's difficult to find enough time for yourself, let alone, a whole beauty regimen. But not paying enough attention to your appearance may cause regrets on the big day. Relax. You don't have to sacrifice anything if you anticipate potential problem areas and know just what bridal beauty blunders to avoid.

1) not planning ahead

Doing a mad-scramble right before your wedding is not the way to go. Plan time for a beauty routine as you do for your ceremony and reception. Skin care needs to change with the seasons to avoid blemishes and dryness. That's not something that can be remedied overnight. Make appointments well in advance and let them know exactly what you want so that you have plenty of time with a professional.

2) not enough sleep

Lack of sleep results in tired eyes, dull skin, and a touchy demeanor. Set a proper sleep schedule and take measures to relieve stress to keep your looks fresh and relationships intact. If your mind races and you can't get to sleep, try relaxing with yoga, meditation, or a warm bath before bedtime.

3) shiny face

A healthy glow is attractive but a shiny face will make your skin appear oily or sweaty. Not only that, it ruins pictures. Reduce shine by setting your makeup with translucent, loose powder. Carry along for touch-ups on a hot day.

4) too much makeup

Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. So how much is too much? Take into consideration the time of your wedding (daytime or nighttime) and the lighting of your indoor environment. Your best bet is to apply a little more than you usually wear so that a camera flash does not overpower your face. Always check your makeup in natural lighting and take along a cosmetics bag for touch-ups when needed.

5) discolored teeth

Stained teeth often reveal habits such as smoking, and drinking coffee or tea. Unless you visit the dentist, you will need more than one application of over-the-counter teeth-whitener to improve your smile. Research and find a product that you can feel comfortable using for weeks before your wedding if you're not going to have them professionally whitened.

6) lipstick on teeth

This faux-pas is easily avoided with a quick dab of tissue on the inside of your lips after applying lipstick. Cover a finger, put finger in mouth, form your lips into an "O" shape, and slide finger out to collect access lipstick that would otherwise collect on your teeth. Try applying lip balm or gloss over your color for protection and staying power.

7) dark roots

If you color your hair, you know that maintenance is a must Whether you need a quick touch-up or all-over dye job, set aside time for a appointment at the salon. Remember, just before your wedding is not the time to be trying a new haircut, color, or highlights. If you want to experiment, do this months before your big day, not days. This gives you time to get things right and not distract from your overall look.

8) no manicure

Another common beauty blunder is lack of a good manicure. Many brides don't realize that their hands will be viewed and photographed more than expected. Just filing and painting your nails may not be enough. Nothing beats a good manicure done by a professional. While you're at it, get a pedicure too if you're wearing open-toed shoes or simply want sexy feet.

9) bad fake tan

Do you ever cringe when you see the dreaded, orange tan? Some products will leave you with just that if you're not careful. Lotions and creams aside, an airbrush tan will look more natural if you get it in-season and applied over skin that already has a bit of a "real" tan.

10) tan lines

A tan will be apparent enough without telltale lines. They are a big mistake and will cause you to have regrets when viewing your wedding photos. However you achieve your tan, take extra care to avoid tan lines, particularly if you'll be wearing a strapless wedding gown or one that will reveal the lines.

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Weddings are emotional so wear waterproof mascara and suggest that to others as well.