wedding decorating ideas

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There are many options available when it comes to decorating for your wedding ceremony and reception, you just need to know what you want and where to look.

Contemporary or classic, your decorations can be as simple as possible or very intricately detailed.

Where to start? First, you will need to decide on the theme or style that you want for your wedding, if you haven't already. Specific themes such as Cinderella or Victorian can be more difficult (and expensive) to find decorations and wedding favors for. More general, romantic themes are much easier to find supplies for, but won't necessarily set your wedding apart from the others.

For wedding decorating ideas, you can browse through magazines and websites for some tips to save money on craft items you can use for centerpieces, placards, greenery and tables. Wherever you go when you're planning your special day, keep your eye out for clearance sales and discounts because costs add up quickly.

consider the location

Take into consideration the location for your wedding ceremony and reception. If you need help remembering the layout or details, snap some quick pictures for future reference. You can often find new ideas by taking a good look at the structure and furnishings.

indoor weddings

Weddings held indoors are not at the mercy of inclement weather and and you won't have to worry about your plans or decorations being ruined or blown away. You can bring in a little of the outdoors by adding flowers and greenery. Consider exotic silk trees decorated with clear strings of lights to add elegance to your wedding reception.

outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings can have their drawbacks, but allow you more freedom with space and decorations. For hot weather, look for a location that offers a pavilion for some much needed shade. You can add silk ivy or vines to columns, tables or even a gazebo for a romantic, sophisticated wedding.

be creative

You don't have to use just flowers for your wedding decorations. Be creative with crafts and save money by making your own centerpieces, party favors and table decorations. Look in craft and hobby stores for beads, fake jewels, and candles to adorn your tables. Large discount stores such as Wal-Mart have many do-it-yourself craft items in addition to guest books, wine glasses, and other wedding accessories.

take advantage of the holidays

Shop after the holidays for clearance sales, particularly Christmas and Valentine's Day. For a Victorian theme, you can often find angels, old-fashioned ribbons, plants and fabrics discounted after Christmas. Valentine's Day sales can save you money on romantic accessories, especially if you like hearts and cherubs.

wedding centerpiece ideas

Your centerpieces don't have to be elaborate or cost a fortune. You can limit the flowers by adding some inexpensive candles and greenery with some ribbon that matches your theme and decor. Ask for help assembling your centerpieces and make it fun by holding a party. Take this opportunity to ask others for additional decorating ideas and tips.

decorate a table for the children

To keep the kids occupied at your wedding reception, decorate a table just for the kids with flowers made of tissue paper and edible party favors. The kids will love it and be much more likely to stick around the table with the other kids. Place the table out of any main traffic areas so your guests don't step in any food or candy that may happen to fall on the floor.

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today's tip

Consider the time decorating will take at the reception hall. Some things can be done in advance but setting up and arranging will take time. More than you think. Ask for help if you haven't hired a professional decorator.